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My Secret to sleeping on planes and blocking out travel noise fits in the palm of my hand.

By Lauren Fischer

For an ergonomically comfortable experience that offers superior noise reduction in a stylish package, CURVD Earplugs are an exciting addition to the sound stage.

By Jacqueline Raposo

Finally, earplugs that shut everyone up but also make you look sexy.

By Adam Rothbarth

Moon and Stars Icon Representing CURVD Earplugs Being Perfect for Sleep and Naps


Enjoy a deep, restful sleep without being disturbed by external noises. From snoring to street noise, our earplugs allow you to block out all the external distractions and get the deep sleep you need to feel your best.

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Suitcase Representing CURV  Earplugs Being Great for Travel and Commuting


With their eco-friendly materials and comfortable design, CURVD earplugs are the perfect travel companion for a sustainable and stress-free journey. Great for both leisure travel or your everyday commute.

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Head with Heart Icon Representing CURVD Earplugs for Self Care and Anxiety

Sensory Relief

With CURVD Everyday earplugs, individuals with sound and noise sensitivity can experience peace of mind by reducing noise and limiting outside sensory stimulation.

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Concerts & Events

While immersing yourself in pulsating beats and electrifying ambiance, it's crucial to prioritize your auditory well-being. CURVD Earplugs are the ultimate companion for concert, festival, and event enthusiasts seeking unparalleled hearing protection without compromising on the thrill.

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Light Bulb Icon to Represent Earplugs for  Focus, Studying, and Productivity


Our earplugs are perfect for people who work in open-plan offices, cafes, or other noisy environments. They're also great for students who need to study for exams or complete assignments or anyone who needs to concentrate on a task and eliminate distractions.

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Open Book Icon for CURVD Self Care and Anxiety Earplugs

Self Care

With our quality, sustainable earplugs, you can block out the noise and distractions that inhibit relaxation and fully embrace your restful state. Whether you're reading a book or taking a nap, CURVD earplugs can help create a peaceful, stress-free environment to support your tranquility.

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Two Parents with a Child CURVD Earplug Icon For Parenting Earplugs


Parenting can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience, but it can also be stressful and overwhelming at times. That's where CURVD earplugs come in - they're the perfect way to block out distractions and focus on what really matters.

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CURVD Earplugs are perfect for motorcycle riders, motorsports enthusiasts, pit crews, and anyone else who is regularly exposed to loud engine noise. They're also great for people who work in noisy environments (such as garages) or people who want to block out distracting noise while working on their bikes or cars.

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Woman Relaxing Reading Comfortably Outside Wearing CURVD EarplugsWoman Relaxing Reading Comfortably Outside Wearing CURVD Earplugs
Super soft and super cute! Love my CURVD Earplugs!

Chelsea R.

The CURVD Everyday earplugs actually fit my ears. I forget I'm wearing them most of the time.

Alan K.

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